After solidifying my opinion on the cream/white question with a close friend, I've learned I'm not the only one who prefers a soft cream or beige to the harsh, often sordid appearance of white - especially during the winter season. While many whites are appropriate in moderation, and in a variety style combinations, I'm thinking more specifically here about outerwear and and my dislike of the snow bunny look.
Whites that are ok:

  • T-shirts (sometimes, preferably with design or embellishment)
  • Blouses (especially those that are of the black/white, Karl Lagerfeld-esque trend)
  • White nails (I wouldn't have gone near this until I spotted Gwen Stefani rocking the look on Nylon Magazine and have since done two all-white manicures without looking back)
  • White lace (If Weekend Max Mara can put together a stunning, holiday-appropriate look with the Amerigo floral cotton lace skirt, I'm on board. Counterbalance with a dark jacket and nylons is key)
  • Off whites (which may have the potential to be mistaken as white but are not, and for that, they are all the better)

Whites that are not ok:

  • Down-filled puffy winter jackets (you don't want to look like the Michelin man)
  • Most accessories one may adorn the above jacket with (especially if they are faux or fur trimmed)
  • Boots (While I'm not 100% against this item in white, I need to say no... White trim, acceptable; all white, too encouraging of a look that needs be avoided)
  • Pants (Absolutely not... I have heard some rumblings that the Labour Day rule is being re-evaluated but exceptions should be limited to a few weeks, weather pending. The caveat here is that pants featuring but not predominantly white are acceptable - think patterned trousers)

What I'm suggesting here is that the snow bunny look is at least in need of a reinvention, if it is not already simply over. Here's the thing, not only should snow bunny sass be swapped with a more gracious and sophisticated class, whites are easily dirtied and can appear cheap. By contrast, while creams and beiges also require a moderate level of maintenance and care, they typically avoid the stark appearance of bright whites, offering a more refined choice for wool coats or cosy scarves. As for a mixture of whites and creams in one look, keep that contrast to a minimum.