Hi all! Gloria from Little White Whale here. I'm so excited to be here today to share my Lovely Little Lot with you all, which is my workspace! This is where all the blogging magic happens, folks. I particularly love this area of my home because it's the one spot in the house that's all mine. My husband prefers to work on his laptop in the living room, so I can hoard and display cute tchochkes here to my heart's content! 


The big white desk keeps the space feeling airy and light, and I actually switched out the blah gray knobs it came for much prettier ones from Anthropologie - small change, big difference. 


The highest floating shelf keeps my clunky sewing machine and Silhouette cutter out of the way, while the other one houses a mish mash of things I need close at hand - books and notebooks, a little brass frog that holds my jewelry trinkets, a memo board I DIYed from an old mirror (just paint and add corkboard!), and a little bowl filled with my favorite nailpolishes. I almost always paint my nails in front of the computer because I can carefully type while they dry and feel super productive about the whole thing. 


An oversized kraft paper calendar pulls everything together and doubles as my daily planner. 


The overall feeling reflects my modern and playful style, and I'm so thankful to have this little sanctuary to call my own.


Thanks so much for having me, Holly!

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How sweet is Gloria's space!? All of her tchotchkes are so adorable! Especially loving the wiener dog bookends! Please be sure to check out Gloria's fab blog, Little White Whale! Thanks again, Gloria, for showing off your digs to us!

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