Is it weird to watch food shows when you're not into cooking? If so, then I'm even weirder than I once thought. I love to watch Hell's Kitchen, Mystery Diners, Chopped--you name it. I think the recipes they come up with are great, and I love the creativity and suspense. Have you ever seen Chopped? They ask chefs to mix some crazy things together in like 30 minutes and make it not taste like crap. I could never! I'd rather spend time eating food than spend time cooking it; or spend time wearing clothes than spend time shopping for them. Get my drift?zaraskort4.jpgzaraskort3.jpg You've seen this Zara skort all over town, but I picked it up as I was walking out the store and saw that it was my size. I couldn't resist as I know that brick and mortar Zara stores are few and far between. Plus, I lived in skorts and overalls in middle school anyway, and I'm conquering my fear of wearing white. Look out, LisaRaye! zaraskort5.jpg| WhimZ Girl leaf clip on earrings | Forever 21 button tab high-low top | Zara mini skort | Forever 21 and InPink jewelry | Asos Follow Me leather knee high gladiator sandals | Forever 21 leather bomber jacket |zaraskort1.jpgzaraskort2.jpgWhat do you think of this look?
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