Oh yes, I do feel like a boy today! Maybe it's because of the fact that all the clothes I'm wearing - except the shoes and the bag - are guy's clothing. Yes believe me. The shirt is a sale item from the Pull and Bear men's section. I think guy t-shirts fit better than girls' tees, maybe because they're looser, especially around the middle section, and longer - perfect for those slouchy days. I fell in love with the vintage 'Bowie' print as well. The pants are Leon's (but believe me he never wears it with the cuffs up, no matter how much I ask), and the hat was my gay friend's, before I relieved him of it. 

This style is actually a very common street look for guys in Macau, except they usually pair it with combat boots/Pathfinders, or sneakers in a vast array of colors and prints. I've been wanting to emulate it for a while now, but I guess I only got around to it now. Hope you liked the glimpse into the local street style, sweeties! I would've gone all sartorialist on random, stylish people a long time ago, but I'm not that confident of what their response would be! Anyways, see you soon,

- Che

T-shirt: Pull&Bear men//Pants: Sunstar men//Hat: my friend's//Boots: Giles for Nine West//Bag & leather bracelet: local store//Aviators: Ray Ban


Photos by: Katee Cenon

P.S. Oh, I couldn't end this post without mentioning my new shoes, these boots were a lucky find - almost 90 percent off because they were the last pair, one size (my size, swoon!), I love them! They're comfy for walking, and I love the buckles =) Expect more posts with these shoes, sweeties, because I plan to wear them to death


I like!