#teenvogue // wearing H&M jumper, Equipment shirt, Barokko Jewels gold necklace, Primark shoes & trousers, vintage Longchamp bag

The Brit spirit inside me really shines through this outfit. I feel like there is somewhat of a British vibe in this look. Lately I've been wearing more prints and light washed colors. I love the combination. This palette really reminds me of a cold yet cozy Winter. I felt so comfortable wearing this pastel blue jumper. In a way, this outfit looks quite preppy don't you think ? It seems like my style is constantly changing, that's why eclectic is a good word to describe it. One day I will want to wear something a bit more sporty, the next I'll wear something a bit more preppy. Nevertheless you'll see that I'm always wearing a vintage piece. For instance this shiny burgundy bag that belonged to my mother. The color is perfect in my opinion. I also wanted to wear a bold necklace to tie the hole look together. There's nothing like a chunky gold chain.  
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as I did. It's my final week before my October holiday. However I have quite a lot of work to do...Until next time, xx
Photos by Fanny Laumonier

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