A lot can be said about the classic LBD. Its sophisticated, sexy, and often described as "absolutely perfect". The right one can make a woman feel invincible. And when it comes to closet essentials, it is definitely right up there at the top of the list. It teaches us to be confident. It teaches us to feel beautiful. And its leaves us all with some important life lessons.


You Don't Have To be Extravagant toGet Attention

We all get a little insecure sometimes. Ithappens. We're all beautiful- but with so many beautiful people out there, it can be hard to feel like your being noticed. And sometimes when this feeling takeshold, its easy to want to go out of your way (with clothes... or behavior) to get attention. Our little black dress reminds us that we don't have to do that. If it can be simple, sexy, and chic all at the same time without any sparkle or revealing design, why can't we?

What You See, Isn't Always What You Get

As human beings we often judge things based on its appearance. Or more accurately, its first appearance to us. When first impressions are so important, we're left with a chance of missing out on something great. Not all LBD's give that "wow" factor that most of us look for when shopping the racks. But then when we give it a chance and put it on, we're amazed at the result. The same could be said with a lot of people- so let them show you what they can do.

The More People You Get Along With, the More Opportunities You'll Have

There are some people that no matter what, you'll never be friends with. There will always be that girl you tells you the jokes that you find offensive, or the guy that insists on never refilling the office coffee pot. Maybe there's even someone that makes you incredibly angry with every word they speak (it happens). But you'll find that as long as you can get along with these people, life will not only be easier (fighting with people takes a lot of energy) but more opportunities will be available to you- be it in the workplace, at social events, school, you name it. Our little black dress is the often the best choice because it not only looks good- it can work with almost anything and everything else in our closets. Which leaves us a lot of room to create any kind of look we want. Keep that in mind the next time someone unfolds your pet peeve.