Jacket: Nike// Sweater: local store// Shorts: Forever 21// Boots: Pull&Bear// Sunnies: c/o Chicnova

Finally, a little hint  of brightness (which is the grossest overstatement of the century), but I did get to bring my sunnies out for a spin, so I can't complain. The days have been sad and dreary lately, and it's usually dark by 4pm, which, blogger-wise, is a sucky thing. So, not wanting to add to the darkness with even more black, for today I went and picked out two of the brightest, sunshin-y colored pieces in my wardrobe.





Actually, I was so worried I had lost this jacket - you know, maybe I left it in class or at a coffee shop sometime last year - because I couldn't find it! Luckily, Leon found it in his winter pile...I had let him borrow it last year and just completely forgot about it. Tragedy averted, whew! 

The sweater is special all on its own, but that is for another outfit =) So, anyways, can I ask you something?...have you ever been duped? I feel like I have been cheated into doing something this week, and it's a bad feeling. I won't go into details, but I just wanted to rant out I suppose. I just hate it when I misinterpret something and then find out later that I was duped. Ugh. Well, in any case I hope I've at least shared a little sunshine with everyone, and I will see you soon lovelies!

- Che