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(Forever21 faux fur vest, gifted 2b faux leather pants, Barney's Co-op Bag, gifted Sole Society heels)

I have a confession. I went crazy at the Barney's Co-op sale the other week. Ok not really, but I bought 3 things.....An Alexander Wang sweater for $150, Alexander Wang tee for $30 and this wonderful, gorgeous, love of my life bag for $230. THE DEALS OH THE DEALS! Real talk though, I had no buyers remorse or shame which is how I knew they were the right fit for me. I always make sure that if I'm going to spend money on designer items they need to pass these 5 tests: 1. the item needs to be within $200 (give or take and some exceptions apply), 2. It has to be something I will use over and over, 3. something that's comfortable, 4. something that is versatile and 5. something that will last. If the items meet these requirements (which all of these did) then it is a good fit and I don't mind spending my money on it. I feel like this is a great way to shop and great mindset to have when spending a significant amount of money on things. ANYWAY, now that the holiday's have died down I'm back on the grind and I have a new sense of motivation that the new years always brings. I hope everyone had a great Holiday! Happy New Year!