For the past two years, I’ve been wearing leggings during the winter with nearly everything–dresses, skirts, tunics, and even under jeans as an extra layer of warmth when the temperature really drops. Not only are they comfortable and keep you from freezing, but they are just so multi-purpose. Last year Neiman Marcus had a $50 off anything promotion, so I excitedly upgraded my Target leggings to the $55 Splendid ones (which I then paid $5 for) and dragged Mr. Wonderful with me so he could buy me a second pair as well. The sales clerk gave us both the evil eye, because I’m sure they were expecting us to buy a pair of $500 shoes instead, but hey, it said $50 off any purchase with no minimum so fair deal.

With leggings being such a close companion of mine, this year I started eyeing the coated versions. The effortlessly chic Miranda Kerr is often seen wearing her leather leggings, and I wanted to dupe the look without spending nearly $1000 on a pair of pants. But the various coated leggings I tried on were thick, uncomfortable and unflattering on me. I liked the look of the material, but not the feel. And so I tabled this “want” item because after all, it certainly wasn’t a need.

On a recent visit to Jeremy’s (my absolute favorite store in San Francisco), I spied this pair of Alice and Olivia lambskin leather leggings. I tried them on, not expecting much. But when worn, they felt incredible. Incredibly expensive, that is. Now I know why leather pants have been popular since the 80′s. The leather was meltingly-butter soft and had just the right amount of thickness to it. It gently skimmed your skin without making you feel like the fat on your thighs was oozing out disgracefully.

Because Jeremy’s was running an additional 60% off all already-reduced items that day (and why I was there in the first place), the $700 leggings came down to $120. Still a bit more than I had originally planned on spending, but something as classic yet modern, comfortable yet stylish as these leather leggings make them worth the investment for me. As an added bonus, I have discovered that leather leggings are quite a bit warmer than jeans. I’m already envisioning the new outfits I can make with my current closet!

What do you think of leather leggings and/or leggings in general?

Leather leggings: Alice and Olivia | Top: JCrew | Necklace: Ebay | Bag: LV | Shoes: Ann Taylor

Photography by Brian M Lee