blouse :: h&m sheer tie blouse
belt :: forever 21 (similar)
shoes :: vince camuto jerrell

This past Sunday was the Chinese mid-Autumn festival, better known as Moon Festival! I gorged myself with good food, great company, and of course moon cake. 'Leaf' it to me to straight snooze from after dinner until 5 minutes before work Monday morning, hence yesterday's missed blog post. 

I almost missed a post today too, but this time due to a pesky heatwave which is so rudely interrupting my sweater weather. When the sun is a blazin' my eyelids get heavy and my head slowly starts to do the awkward bob. Don't tell me you don't find it funny when you see someone on a train or in a lobby succumb over and over to the pulls of gravity in an uncontrollable hypnotic head lull.

In fact, my eyes are zombie-ing out right now so I'll cut the play by play commentary on my outfit and let your eyes digest the leaf inspired look. Besides, a picture is worth 1000 words, and there's five pictures today, so what else could I possibly add?