When it comes to dressing for the winter my best advice is to get hip to layering. Layering to combat the cold temps–without adding bulk–can be quite the challenge but it’s doable. What you want to do is go thinnest to thickest and work your way out. We of course don’t want you walking around looking like a little Michelin man!

I show you how I layered in the pictures above. My first (thinnest) layer is the chambray top. The second layer is my leather jacket and lastly for my third (and thickest) layer, is my faux fur vest. Voila! It’s just as simple as that.

Have you tried layering in your winter looks? Let me know in the comments! And if you’re need of any help/advice on how to do so, just ask your favorite Stylist–me of course!

*What I’m Rockin’: Crossroads Trading Co. Chambray top (previously worn here) & skirt | Kenneth Cole leather jacket | Forever 21 faux fur vest (snag one here) & tights | Vintage earrings | Michael Kors booties (previously worn here)



Photos: Chuckstr Photography