When it comes to hair and makeup, the finishing touches are the most important part.  In my opinion, lashes are one of the details that I feel really completes a look.  Would you agree?  Many times I am asked how one would choose which lashes to use?  Well, there are a few factors that should be taken into consideration when selecting the perfect false lash.   First, the time of day?  If its day time, you would choose a lash that is more classic and subtle.  On the other hand, for night time, choose a lash that is more dramatic and sultry.  Another important factor would be the size and shape of your eyes.  While this doesn't necessarily eliminate the use of certain lash styles, what it means is you may need to alter or cut the lash to fit your eye.  Below is a chart of different lash styles and numbers.  Have a look below to see which lashes i'd recommend.


For day time looks try:  102, 104, 109, 117, 120
For night time looks try:  103, 105, 107, 111, 113

These are just a few of my recommendations.  Have a look at the chart and choose your favorites.  For more information regarding application and styles, please visit:  

Hope you enjoy, Until next time....

Danielle Valiente
Hair & Makeup Artist