It seems that Tinseltown's favourite girl has reached out her sharp claws to claim even more of the entertainment industry (is it a crime to stick fashion under the umbrella of entertainment? who knows.) - she's conquered modelling, music and movies - and now she's snagged the coveted title of H&M's AW12 face. And just when we thought Lana couldn't be soaring any higher - she's also comfortably secured her role as the face of H&M's AW13 campaign too!

This collection couldn't be more LANA. The designs are Lana, the cynical facial expressions are Lana, the colors are Lana, the hair is Lana. My favorite has to be the baby soft angora sweater in that sumptuous powdery rose hue, and in second place comes those muted floral pants, reminiscent of dark winter nights and forests and fairies and so what if I'm getting carried away because Lana's aesthetic is just so vast and full of possibilities and maybe those pants really are for fairies prancing around in the woods and night and also I love her so much okay.

 I love that this collection is so heavily influenced by her, especially since she's one of the few celebrities with a seriously strong, unshakeable aesthetic. It almost feels like H&M has finally been stamped with the vintage trademark of LDR - in other words, the line seems to represent her more than she represents the line. "A modern and feminine woman with a soft attitude" was apparently the concept of H&M's Autumn/Winter collection, and I don't see how they could've picked a better face. LDR is so incredibly versatile, and as listeners/fans, we get to see so much of who she is through what she does... without her ever saying too much. She has long nails, big hair and an even bigger voice, yet she's mysterious (and I love her for it) and really doesn't say that much in the face of the media. For some celebrities, this lack of extrovert arises as a problem, but I feel like I could be Lana's best friend because of how much I know about her solely through her music.

What do you think of Lana Del Rey's AW12 H&M collaboration? Are you excited to see her comeback during AW13 or would you prefer a change?

+ I also absolutely LOVE Lana's tattoos. I did some research and found out that she has 5 permanent ones, but she also regularly draws temporary ones for her gigs and concerts (namely various infinity signs and the words "life is beautiful" on her wrists). My favorites of her permanent tattoos are the two phrases written on the sides of each of her hands; one reads "paradise" and the other reads "trust no one." She also has the words "die young" on her ring finger, and a cursive capital "M" on her thumb, most probably signifying her grandmother named Madeleine. Lastly, she has "Nabokov Whitman" on her forearm, dedicated to Russian writer Vladimir Nabokov and poet Walt Whitman.