Couple days ago, I read a post by Marie (see, I do read your comments and visit your blog back if you ever left a link to me. :) about how she “got confused by buying luxury brand designer shoes, because most of the time, they are just sleeping in their dustbag and being comfy in the shoe rack”. Tell you what, Marie! Sometimes I have the same question, too.

I mean, while we walk on the high street brand shoes most of the time, why do we spend a lot more money for those “brandy” shoes. I remember one of my friends once answering that question this way: ” I am really happy by just looking at them on the shoe rack everyday.” Doesn’t it sound like what Carrie said in the movie Sex and the City? “I like my money where I can see it, hanging in my closet.”

I don’t think I am a material girl, but just maybe a little shopaholic sometimes, After decades of shopping experience, I still can’t find the answer for why do we spend so much money buying those luxury shoes and not wearing them often. But I know I love them! :D

I do feel most of my designer shoes/clothing are better made and better quality, though, but sometimes,when a $74 dress does a amazing job like this one, I go for it and love it.

ASOS dress, Warehouse Belt

Charlie David Pumps(old)

Clutch (no brand, I bought it when I visited China in March this year)

J.Crew Bracelet, and H&M Cuff, YSL Ring