Forgive my under eye redness, I was trying Kyary Kyary Pamyu's "eyebag" look! The result was a disaster, one eye is bigger than the other. 


Coleen, my angel!


A huge Christmas Tree was displayed in a mall in Kobe! It made me feel a little bit closer to home. I love it!


Paris on Holidays, how I wish!


Guess where we ate? At Casa Grande's Mc Donald's! Hahaha!


{american apparel cape, vintage blouse and skirt, cinema club boots, diy bow}


Kobe Luminarie 神戸ルミナリエ is a light festival held in Kobe, Japan, every December since 1995 and commemorating the Great Hanshin earthquake of that year.
The lights were donated by the Italian Government and the installation itself is produced by Valerio Festi and Hirokazu Imaoka.

Lights are kept up for about two weeks and turned on for a few hours each evening. Each light is individually hand-painted. Major streets in the vicinity are closed to auto traffic during these hours to allow pedestrians to fill the streets and enjoy the lights. It is viewed by about three to five million people each year.

Miu Miu, my dream! I'm going to look for this pair in Hong Kong!


Rudolf, the red nose reindeer! It was below zero that day so we were definitely freezing!!! I love winter but to be honest, I can't stand having windy days this season. The cold and the wind is never a good combination, it ruins my hair, makes my nose red, my skin dry and my lips chapped. That's why I have to invest on a good hand salve, lip balm among many other things! I'm currently using Burt's Bees Hand Salve and a random brand for my lip balm.

If there is any consolation, winter could sometimes make my cheeks blush, my hair softer as well. Growing up in a tropical country and only visiting Japan during Spring, gave me this certain longing for Winter though. I love, love to try Winter sports, skiing, ice hockey (Mighty Ducks fan here!) , snow boarding and ice skating!

How about you, guys? Do you love winter? What's your favourite season then?

"Hate is not conquered by hate. Hate is conquered by love. This law is eternal."
Gautama Buddha