On me://Top - c/o Chicnova//Pants - Anna//Shoes - Black Moss//Bag - Stradivarius//Watch - Casio//

Today I show you my cutesie patootsie kitty sweater from chicnova. The best part of it is that it's so warm. You'll be fooled because they look thin, and thus you'll think the weather here is alright. But in fact, it's a little freezing. When I left home this morning, I felt I looked rather odd, with other people wearing thick puff jackets and woolen coats, and I was only with a sweater. I mean, what can I say... they did keep me warm!


Talking about new stuff... I have yet more to post about. It drives me crazy because I have all these outfit ideas planned in my head already but I don't get to execute them. I think I'm being too ambitious when I said that I'll challenge myself this year... it's proving to be quite a difficult task to juggle everything as planned, and we're only on the 10th day. Oh boy.

Anyway, I'm going to push this through because I know I can - no complaining. In the meantime, I leave you with these photos until my next entry. Let's bring it on!

-- Photos by Penguin --