I am always on the lookout for super cute apps. The apps must be cute and fun to use. Kids are the best judge of this. My 5 year old went through every song on this app and recorded her voice over and over again. It is a precious record now for me as a mom and something she will get a kick out of when she is older. The Kids Karaoke app introduces your kids to the timeless children’s songs like:

• Mary had a Little Lamb
• She’ll be Coming Round the Mountain
• Lullaby
• Row, Row, Row your Boat
• Twinkle, Twinkle Little Stars
• Santa Claus is Coming to Town
• Silent Night
• Jingle Bells




You can record the audio and perfect it until they get it just right.
In addition to the sing along karaoke, each page is animated and your kids can click on pictures with sounds and words. This app is a hit and fun experience with your little ones.

Get the Kids Karaoke app here: