To say that I was saving up to go shopping in London is a huge understatement. For reals, though: I was stalking websites in anticipation of buying things in person. Some may call it obsessed, I just call it thought out.

And I don't hide the fact that I'm jealous of British girls due to the fact that they can pull off a pail lip and dark eye liner like no body's business... AND, that they can shop in stores like Miss Selfridge and Primark. I don't care what language a bargain is in - I'm all about a shopping high.


So, remember that infamous Tippi J. Crew heart sweater that sold out like it was on fire? Well, I never got my hands on it... but I did find something that measures up to it!

Outfit Details:
Gold Foil Heart Sweater - Primark
Beat the Drag Colorblock Pants - Threadsense
Two-Tone Satchel - Primark
Black Leather Ankle Boots - Forever 21
Gold Buckle Bracelet - thrift/vintage
Spiked Bracelet - Forever 21
Red and Gold Hoku Bangle - c/o Sequin NYC
Exclamation Point Ring - Wendy Brandes

I paid 14 pounds for this heart sweater - which is about 28 bucks in U.S. dollars. Compared to the J. Crew sweater, which is about $78, I'd say that, yup... Smells like a deal to me!

And the pants, which I ordered from Threadsense before my trip, were waiting for me when I got home.



Talk about a kick in the pants...