I took one look at the girls standing on the bleachers at Kaelen’s FW ‘13 Presentation and couldn’t help but notice how much cool they were OOZING. They were giving off some major swag. The color palette was perfect for fall,rich with florals, grays, and purple hues.I’m always amazed by how wearable Kaelen’s designs are. I have a feeling thatI could pluck most of these pieces off of a rack, throwthem on, style them my own way, and look great. No muss, no fuss, just effortless style.


I’m always drawn to laser-cut leather. Sorry not sorry.


If you can’t tell, this dress was my favorite piece in the collection.


More bad assedness


Kaelen and Hannah Bronfman.

Photos by me.

What do you think about Kaelen’s collection?