disclaimer: i do NOT work for Just Fab, and am purely writing about my positive experiences with their products/service. for more information on the company and their products, you should visit their website www.justfab.com. (fyi - new users get special discounts for first purchases!)

one of the best discoveries i have made in the last year (style wise) is the just fab website. just fab carries shoes, bags, denim and accessories. thus far, i have purchased two pairs of shoes i am VERY satisfied with, and have two more lined up for this month. (there is an awesome buy one, get one free sale going on right now that i plan to take advantage of, in expanding my boot/bootie collection.)

Above: Gentry boot, gift to self, Xmas Above: Kelda bootie, gift to self, birthday

i would strongly recommend Just Fab to anyone looking for unique styles. so far, i have not seen any of their shoes on anyone i know or have met in public. every time i wear one of the styles i purchased (one pair in november and one in december), i get compliments. Just Fab is a monthly club service, like the bmg or columbia house record clubs of my youth. every month you get a suggestion from Just Fab, based on your preferences, and you can choose to purchase their recommendation, purchase another item, or skip the month (and you can always change your mind later). all shoes/boots are $39.95 (or less, with sales and discount codes) with free shipping and free returns. the bags are cute, too, in case you were wondering.

another shoe service i have my eye on is ShoeDazzle. same principle as JustFab, but with more variety in pricing. also, i have noticed that ShoeDazzle seems to have more variety and new styles coming in regularly. right now, they have an awesome clearance going on with prices as low as $19.97 PLUS discount codes. my wish list includes the following:

115e0a927b2273117f1d583dec233aaa0b47ba49 Left: Melrose bag; Below: Yudiana bootie; Bottom: Yulee bagc0933473079851f35acd09d6974639d3f15c0acde20a0817ea5d44a5e98f414659158bbbe15b66b6
Has anyone else bought from these services? What was your experience? Do you love these options for shopping as much as I do?