Beauty products change with the seasons, which is just one reason why I’m in love with Jouer and their new Matte Moisture Tint!

Last spring I was introduced to Jouer for the very first time when I received a sample of their Luminizing Moisture Tint in my Birchbox. I fell in love with it and purchased the full sized product. Well, now that Spring and Summer has come and gone and we’re officiallywell into Fall and Winter, it’s time to switch up my beauty products.

One of the hottest beauty looks for the cooler months ahead is matte (not dewey) skin. Now I love my Luminizing Moisture Tint, but I wanted to try this new matte look and I am pleased to tell you that it’s fantastic!Jouer’s Matte Moisture Tint is amazing and makes my skin look fresh and flawless. This oil-free beautifying tint keeps your skin protected with SPF 15and it also helps prevent premature aging by deflecting free radicals, UVA, and UVB rays. It also comes in 5 different shades, so there is a tint out there fore every skin type.

The best way to applyJouer Matte Moisture Tint is to first apply a primer to clean skin. Right now I am using an amazing primer from Pelle Beauty called Stellar. It helps reduce the amount of product I use on my skin, which in turn makes it last a lot longer.

Jouer’s Matte Moisturizing Tint can be purchased on the Birchbox website for $38.00.

The thing I love most about shopping with Birchbox is you earn points and those points turn into cash. It’s so nice to shop with a company that values its customers and gives them something back for shopping with them instead of other major retailers.

As always, I hope you love this product as much as I do!