Adapting to new surroundings isinevitable, but what I've always found to be interesting is how quickly we forget what used to be so normal. Yesterday I found myself braving through a horrific thunderstorm in Destin, Florida. Therapid firelightening,the epic thunder, I grew up with it all, but having come accustomed to peaceful west coast weather, I had to remind myself that while it felt like the world was ending, it probably wasn't. Despite the fact check,I still frantically rushed back to our condo so I could be with my puppy, who I just knew wastremblingin a corner somewhere... He wasn't, btw. Instead he was on his very own mini expedition through the kitchen garbage can. Before I could turn the can up right the sun was shining through the windows and I suddenly remembered how incredibly bipolar and fabulous east coast weather can be. Ready to embrace the sun, I grabbed my latest clutch crushand headed back into town for another adventure with my mom and sis. Moral of the story... your pets are more interested in what's going on inside the trash can than outside. Worry less. xo



Shorts & Shirt: Free People