It's February, yeaay my birthday is in 4 days :-P!! How are you guys enjoying the first month of 2013? I am very much enjoying it even though there are more to sad, and bad news than the good happy news but I dont know why, I feel so excited for this year and looking forward to what this year will bring!!

I was actually having a farewell lunch for my girl Yuna the other day, she's going back to Japan in fact she left already and it was very sad, I adore her style and we were getting pretty close just when she was about to go to Japan . I may not be a fan of Conor Maynard but I am a fan of Yuna's ankle boots.

In the picture: Yuna, Yours Truly, and Naomi

Both of them are Japanese, well Naomi is half Indonesia half Japan but Yuna is a genuine Japanese gurl. It was pretty much a Japan x Indonesia girllssss hang out kind of day.

I was wearing my Mawi London Necklace, Juicy Couture long sleeve shirt, and JBrand jeans, and a pair of Cole Haan gladiator.

Original post called, "Hey Conor Maynard"

Stay Stylish,

Athaya S