Photos:Nick Chao

It's a Wonderful Life, Look 1/Dress: Erin Featherston, $314 (Cameron Marks) / Jacket: (Stylist's Own) /Ice & Vine Necklace: $125 (Blank Verse Jewelry) /Snake Bone Bracelet: $75 (Blank Verse Jewelry)

It's a Wonderful Life Look 2/ Dress: (Stylist's Own)/ Necklace: $64 (Stripe) / Earrings: $48 (Stripe)

On day four of Holiday Fashion Week, we can't help but remember the quintessential Christmas movie, "It's a Wonderful Life."

This all-time favorite is one of Jimmy Stewart’s best, and is a great time capsule of the styles of the day. At one point, actress Donna Reed wears a gorgeous long black dress with a lace neck, but the film really comes alive with the finest of 1940s fashion during a party scene, when Reed’s character dances in a fun, frilly and layered evening dress—perhaps the most memorable outfit in the movie.

Here, our model remembers Reed's holiday dance scene as she winds her way through a classic old movie theater wearing her best party dresses and jewels.—Christa Martin and Elizabeth Limbach

Photos:Nick Chao/ Model: Desiree Amariei / Fashion Stylist:Missy Schnaps/ Hair Stylist:Ginger Vaughn/ Makeup:Anna Wu/ Wardrobe Department: Ellie Vilmenay / Production Assistant:Sera Michael/Filmmaker:Deva Blaisdell-Anderson/ Producer-Director:Christa Martin/ Location:Del Mar Theatre,109 Locust St., Santa Cruz, Calif.Host:Stripe