In today's society, there's no need to browse most beauty stores because you can have some of the newest, most exclusive beauty items delivered to your doorstep.  With monthly beauty subscriptions rising on the scene, you have the ability to have some of the newest items in your hands even before most consumers.

If you're a beauty lover like myself, then this is great, but as I saw with my first beauty subscription, not all of these subscriptions are geared towards women of color.  When Brittney, founder of My Brown Box, realized the need for this, she took action.  She chose to create My Brown Box.  I wanted to take the time to learn more about Brittney and My Brown Box so I recently interviewed her.


FabEllis:  Before we take time to learn more about My Brown Box, I know my readers would love to learn more about you.  Share with us, Brittney, a little history on where you’re from, your interests and aspirations.

Brittney:  Well let’s see… I’m a small town girl with big city dreams. I was born and raised in Michigan. I love it here, but I’d eventually like to get lost in a big city that’s known for its bright lights and skyscrapers. I guess you can call me a dreamer.  I consider myself to be open-minded, so I have a lot of different interests but everything is closely related- I live for creativity, passion, and self-expression. Those three things fuel my being, and those who know me know that I seek inspiration daily. My brother inspires me and I aspire to inspire others.

I love fashion, people watching, nail polish, bright lipstick and buying books and magazines (that I never finish), in fact I just purchased the Fall Fashion Issue of Jones Magazine and The Vogue September Issue. Talk about excitement!


FabEllis:  Thanks for allowing us to get to know more about you!  Now, the buzz around My Brown Box is growing rapidly within the social media spectrum.  For those who are unfamiliar with My Brown Box or curious to know more, please share with us what My Brown Box exactly is.

Brittney:  Yes, the buzz is growing quite rapidly! My BrownBox is the woman of color’s guide to discover all things beauty, luxury and lifestyle.

Each month we send our members a chic box containing 5-6 beauty and lifestyle products that complement their natural beauty and personal style. These goodies will span categories of makeup, skincare, nail care, body care, fragrances, grooming tools and other lifestyle goods. It’s like having a birthday celebration every month!

FabEllis:  What inspired you to create My Brown Box? 

Brittney:  I was inspired to create My BrownBox when I heard about Birchbox, which is a subscription beauty service for women, but not specifically women of color. I subscribed to Birchbox, and when I received my first box I was disappointed because most of the products did not complement my skin complexion or hair texture.

I immediately thought to myself, “what if I created a box that caters to women of color?”- Something that complements our natural beauty and overall lifestyle.  I was extremely excited and began working on My BrownBox a week later!


FabEllis:  I noticed that along with Facebook and Twitter, My Brown Box has a blog.  I love the variety that you all share on this platform!  I did notice that there are several images of models and fashionistas.  How will My Brown Box resonate with women in the fashion world?

Brittney:  Gee thanks!  We have a very fashion forward team that loves to share their latest fashion finds with our viewers. We believe that fashion is about more than runway trends and designer labels. Instead we focus on sharing realistic ways for Brown Beauties to incorporate the latest fashions into her every day lifestyle.  By the way, we can’t wait to add you to our collection of fashionistas and you must take us thrifting with you! 

FabEllis:  Lastly, when can we expect My Brown Box to launch?  How can people stay in the loop of what My Brown Box is doing?

Brittney:  Ladies can expect for My BrownBox to launch in early Spring 2013. However, our team thinks that we should do a surprise launch...  I love surprises, so I suggest that everyone signs up to be notified when we officially launch at www.mybrownbox.com.

Want to stay connected with My Brown Box?  Find them on the following:


Instagram:  @MyBrownBox