Nowadays, film cameras are the minority with the market proliferation of digital photo gadgets. From dSLRs, Mirrorless, Bridge Cams, Compacts, and even Cellphones, everyone has a digital camera in some form.

But for photography hobbyists and creatives, there is still the thrill of instantly publishing your photos, whether it is made as a token (i.e. bookmark, memorabilia, wedding souvenir) or used inembellishing handmadescrapbooks.

For these folks (yes, I am one of them) I am glad there are still a few optics companies who manufacture products that bring back the fun of on-the-spot photo printing!

So is there a brand I prefer? Not particularly. I find the instant cameras of Polaroid and Lomography much more retro-looking. And the toyish-design of the Fuji Instax 25 Mini is just too cute. Most of these instant photo cameras are reasonably priced under $70.

Instant Photos

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