skirt :: h&m (similar)
shoes :: zara basic slingback (similar)

Thanks for all the comments on my last post! Consensus seems to be that we all love finding good looks for less - the wallet's certainly not complaining. 

Anyways while I was in NY during NYFW I had the opportunity to hear Lauren Conrad speak to her experiences and brands. She's surprisingly a very down-to-earth real girl, nothing like MTV portrayed her to be (well, that or she grew up). 

Prior to this event I had never looked into LC Lauren Conrad or Paper Crown because there were simply too many other brands topping my 'To Do' list. However post-event is a different story. I knew that the moment I got back to cali-forn-I-A I would have to hop into my one passenger subway and cruise the streets until I hit destination, aka the closest Kohl's. I had to check out LC Lauren Conrad and there would be no stopping me until I did. 

[Tangent: this NY excursion made me appreciate CA for what it's worth. I love NY and all but I'm beyond saving when it comes to sun, instant {travel} gratification, and the luxury of not having to lug the consequences of shopping a mile to the subway station or in the alternative, pay $20 for a cab ride. I am forever a California girl.]

And guess what, that's just what I did. And it was a good thing too because I hustled the last xs in this blue floral chiffon blouse, California style.