As I was reading the new September 2012 issue of Lucky Magazine yesterday, the article Inner Calm Meets Inner Core: The newest spa vacations whip you into shape physically and mentally (pp. 107-114) by Maura Lynch immediately caught my attention. I recently had an amazing weekend visit to Lake Austin Spa Resort in Austin, TX last month where "inner calm meets inner core" is exactly what they do best. I quickly turned the page to see if Lake Austin Spa Resort made the list and lo and behold to my satisfaction, they were there. With everything from fitness classes, kayaking, and hydro-biking to wine tasting, health/self-improvement workshops, DIY skincare and more, Lake Austin Spa Resort offers some of the best and most vast spa treatments available. The food and massages were definitely my highlights of the trip. Lake Austin Spa Resort even has their own organic garden to pull herbs from so that everything tastes and feels as fresh as it looks. After a weekend away, I felt relaxed, rejuvenated, and re-powered to start a new week where usually I feel a bit tired and need a vacation from the vacation. Both my mind and my body felt great afterwards. When I woke up on Monday morning back in my own comfy bed, part of me was still wishing that I was back at Lake Austin Spa Resort. I can't wait to check out some of the other destinations on the list and experience my next spa vacation getaway!