Everybody knows (Phaedra voice) that I’m a fan of accessorizing your accessories, or glam your gadgets! Admittedly I’m pretty “funny” about phone cases. They have to be have purple in it lol and they have to protect my phone foremost.

While at CES I dropped my phone and was pretty pissed about it because the edge was scratched. Needless to say I was excited to check out Cellairis Shout! case because I need more protection…the previous one HAD to go!! lol

During CES Cellairis, the world’s largest wireless accessory company, introduced a new iOS app that featured shout giving users the option to create custom phone cases from their iPhone, iPad, or iTouch. I used it to create this case and almost lost my mind when it came it!

Im Shouting about Cellairis Shout! Case [Review]

I’m a super busy person and usually have 30,000 things going on at once so I was SO excited when it took my 5 minutes to create this case! LITERALLY! Click here, add from facebook there, resize a bit and I’m done! Now you do have the ability use text or other graphics along with prints or designs from DIY-er Erica Domesek to incorporate for a custom case. Once the design is completed, it is printed and shipped to customer in 3 business day.

I ordered my case Tuesday night and it was on my doorstep Friday when I got home from the jig. That’s freaky fast! lol

Im Shouting about Cellairis Shout! Case [Review]

The quality of the images are TERRIFIC, not pixeled at all. The gloss cover gives it a high end look. The custom case and inner silicone case provides me with with great security so I’m not worried about dropping it a scratching my phone now! lol If I had one critique it would be to add image rotation and none constraining resizing. But overall I was very happy, and I do mean very happy.

Shout! cases retail for $34.99 and are available for 14 different phone types including iPhone 5/4s/4/3, iPad 2/3, Touch, Blackberry Bold and Curve Im Shouting about Cellairis Shout! Case [Review] , Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy Note. You can also head to one of the stores and purchase a case there.

I. LOVE. MY. SHOUT! CASE. What do you think about it?

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