I.am.SO.Excited.  Like breathing-in-and-out-of-a-paper-bag-while-I-frantically-pack-and-unpack excited.  My clothes are everywhere (but I swear I have a packing list!), my carry-on bag currently sits empty (here’s what I’ll fill it with!), I have a minimum of six electronic devices plugged and charging all over my house and I pray that I remember to pack at least half of them by morning.  Follow me on Instagram (@glitterinclexi), Twitter, and Facebook all week as I attempt to bust into the fashion scene with my grandma-bag full of snacks, tissues, and make-up cabinet.  I’ll be the girl in tights and a sweater … in New York … in September.  Hotness.  Literally.  New York Fashion Week, LuckyFabb, Glam Media, RewardStyle, and of course … Rachel Zoe and Lauren Conrad (who I will babble to incessantly when I stumble before them in teetering heels), here I come!

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