So, we're kind of old people. When Kyle and I talk about going dancing, we are not referring to a club with lights and thumping techno music. We're thinking more Big Band music and saddle shoes. Yup, swing dancing.  Kyle and I did a lot of dancing back in college (that's how we met!) but since graduating, the opportunities to dance dwindled down to close to zero. But last Friday we went swing dancing here in Tucson for the first time. It was so fun! The swing dance community is great, and it really was awesome to be in a totally different city and still feel like you know what's going on. As long as you can do a decent charleston and/or lindy hop (or are willing to learn), you can make instant friends anywhere. 

I need to shop at different stores. Everything but shoes | F21 P.S. Those $5 flats with the peace signs are totally my dancing shoes. 

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