For a while, I was on the hunt for sneaker wedges, I looked everywhere for them. Then I was over it, I questioned myself if I would even wear them, and convinced myself that they were on their way out anyways. However these Marc By Marc Jacobs Neon Cutout Sneaker Wedges, have brought this breed of shoe back into my heart in every way possible.

One of my qualms with sneaker wedges was there masculinity. Now I'm not saying a wedge is masculine, but the of colors that they come in and the often bold velcro basketball-like straps,were some what boyish. These fill the void inmy heart the marketplace. They're bright, and these cut outs are one of a kind. (well so far, this is definitely going to catch on for spring)

Every little girl used to want Barbie jeeps and Barbie pink, well now all those girls just want Marc Jacobs, but Barbs would totally wear these.