“I want to die with my blue jeans on” is a quote by Andy Warhol.

As for me, I would rather die in a gorgeous Marchesa dress or something just as glamorous.

But I do love jeans!  I wear them almost everyday.  Denim on Denim seems to be so “in” these days.

I also live in flats despite all my fashion posts.  These Sam Eldermans are my favorite.  I wear them so much they are seriously WORN down!  I love them because they go with almost anything.

This is kind of my “go to” outfit when I don’t know what to wear.  I feel like it’s classy but oh, so comfy.

What do you girls think?  Too much blue or just right?

photo 1 Shirt: Madwell old Similar  Jeans: Old Navy   Belt: Old Navy   Purse: Kate Spade   Earrings: Nordstrom   Shoes: Sam Elderman old Similar photo 2


I obviously am ecstatic about this outfit!

Thanks for reading!