I know that I have said this countless times before, but I'm telling you dear readers that Dolly Rocker Girl is soon to have a THRIVING personal style section! Finally I've got a camera, a tripod and of course an endless stream of outfits to wear, so there is no stopping me now! (Unless I actually dress horribly and everyone hates these posts). I am excited to start something that I have been itching to do for months, but since I come from the land of ice and snow, I cannot shoot outside quite yet. That is, unless anyone wants to know how to bundle up to the point that they resemble the Michelin Man, then I'm your gal! I'm excited to take Dolly Rocker Girl in this new direction -- I still intend to write about all   the retro goodness of the sixties and seventies, but these style posts will add a more modern and personal touch to the blog. Anyways, I'm boring you, so here is the first of what I hope to be many outfit posts.




[shirt: Romwe / blazer: J.Crew / pants: American Apparel / boots: Joie / handbag: Balenciaga / necklace: Joomi Lim / earrings: Fred Flare / rings: vintage]

Though I write a lot about flower children and gypsy bohemians, I personally adopt the punky-glam mode of fashion as worn by the likes of Patti Smith, a 70s-era Marianne Faithfull and groupie/girlfriend legends like Sable Starr and Maureen Starkey. I love this Givenchy-inspired sweater of an angry Rottweiler because it's an aggressive take on the very twee sweaters of various cartoon fauna that were popular last year. I paired it with a very Sid Vicious appropriate red plaid blazer and my favorite necklace, a double-spiked choker by Joomi Lim, finishing it all off with all black accessories and black Disco Pants by American Apparel. I still have some pink in my ends from my experiment with Davines Alchemic Red Conditioner and I think I want to do some more soon because I really loved the electric pink it gave me for a week. Please excuse the over-dramatic pout -- during the winter, my lips get really swollen for some reason. No intentional duckface posing here!

Title: from "I Wanna Be Your Dog" by The Stooges