I love Nicole Miller...there I said it. I especially love her quirky vintage prints. I came across recently a cheeky Zebra print bomber jacket on Etsy. Unfortunately for me, (or rather fortunately for my bank balance) it was too big for me and would have made me look something similar to the Michelin Man. Not a good look, even if it is a zebra print. As I grow into my own style, I have become more and more appreciative of prints. I love prints that have some sort of reference and that is why Nicole Miller's prints are particular favourites. I am on the hunt for the "Holy Grail" (well for me) of her work which is the "Ticket" print. It ticks all my boxes on my wishlist: cultural reference - check, colour - double check!


My "Holy Grail" - Nicole Miller Ticket Print

I have been fortunate to own several Nicole Miller pieces. All are vintage/second-hand pieces. My current favourite is a "Shopaholic" quilted bag. The print is so cute and cheeky, it has on the print everything to do with shopping. What else can a girl want? Due to how much I love my Nicole Miller pieces, I even did a rare outfit post with me actually pictured wearing the clothes. Check out my blog for the post. Surprisingly, Nicole Miller also does some great non-print pieces. I currently own a romper with faux jacket from her in a plain black. It is great for work as it is smart yet incredibly comfortable.

I have a tendency to randomly google for things and recently came across a food print hand bag from Nicole Miller. I now am dreaming of owning it. Oh well another thing to add to my ever increasing wishlist. I guess, if it is fate, I will see it online for sale at a reasonable price.


The Food Lover's Dream Bag by Nicole Miller
(Photo from www.shopdropoff.com)

I am such a food lover that this print is a dream too. Though I think that if I owned it, I would be hungry all the time. I love the structured shape, very retro.

So yes, I love my little bit of Americana. As a HK girl, I am really appreciating this American designer. If you want to find out more about the fabulous Nicole Miller, check out her website.