You guys, I found the coolest. thing. ever. last week. I might be late to the game with this, so if I am, indulge me and pretend this is all brand new to you. 

Most people think I have thick hair because it's so curly (and yes, in case you were wondering, it's natural – been that way since I was a baby!). The truth is it is super duper thin. I'm totally envious of girls that can just throw their hair in a pony or up in a bun and look effortlessly chic. My "natural" bun definitely leaves something to be desired, but last week I stumbled across $3.95 worth of awesomeness at H&M that solved my "inadequacy" issues.


I've passed this odd looking accessory several times in the checkout line before, but after further review, I finally understood the actual purpose of it – a bun maker! Want a gorgeous top knot or a chic chignon? This is most definitely your answer. 


Use a traditional hair rubber band to pull your hair back in a ponytail wherever you'd like it (high, low or side), slip the mesh ring over the band, split your hair in the middle of the pony and distribute evenly around it, wrap around and tuck the remaining hair and voila! The perfect bun! 

This has seriously revolutionized my bun-making abilities – 
hopefully it will make your bun a little more perky, too (wink).