I was taking my mid-day pass around the blog-o-sphere and saw Miss. Cuervo was doing some confessing at the behest of her bestie Catalyn.  Ladies and gents, not only is that reason enough for me, but that is how I make a shout out.  Golf claps.  I confess that I am horrible with not talking over people I find boring especially at parties, spending boatloads on bar tabs, and over-sharing in inappropriate contexts (blogging included).  I confess that I really enjoying being alone and often have to come up with conflicting events and plans to truly effectuate it.  I confess to having some serious Christopher Walken in Annie Hall thoughts, though not in the 'take-it-to-fruition' sense.  I confess to hating cats, owls and macaroons, which I think basically means my blogging membership is revoked? I confess to returning, re-gifting and generally disregarding most presents I receive.  I confess to not telling a single person I know that I started a blog for fear of questions, comments and general disapproval.  I confess that the above makes me basically an enormous wimp with an unhealthy obsession with aged balsamic vinegar (whoa, double confession). I confess to applauding when my boyfriend told me that our mutual friend broke up with his long-term girlfriend. further confess that when she emailed me last week, I waited three days to respond.  Phew, what a relief.