(Zebra Shop sweater (similar ones here & here), Esprite blazer, Uniqlo jeans, Maple scarf (similar ones here), ASH boots, H&M cage ring (similar one here), bag from boutique (similar ones here, here & here))
I have a weakness for the color white. Something about how elementary, overlooked and intelligible only makes it a color people try to avoid. Yet, I make way for it to always appear. White jeans are as much of a staple as normal jeans. It is a hard concept for one to wrap their head around, or hand around those clean white pair that magnifies just even a spot of light green tea stain. On the bright side, if you think about it, it promotes manners and simple feminine etiquette - and male, I fully support any form of promotion and advertisement for white - which is a plus to fussy moms or to create a first impression on a stranger (tip: a stranger, so you will not have to worry about the second impression). 

This makes the great time to play with color as I flung out my electric blue sweater and navy blazer, combining the whole I am casual but I am put together vibe. Also, a I am a smart school girl with this old-school backpack. Who can say no to a well rounded look?