Happy Monday, everyone! I hope your weekend was as sweet and relaxed as mine, and that you had the chance to spend time with your loved ones. Christmas is certainly in the air (sidenote: I will have some amazing photos of the husband and I in our ugly Christmas sweaters for you tomorrow - stay tuned because you don't want to miss this) and there have been a few days during which I was glad for a nice warm sweater.


I wore a similar combination of this sweater and a different snood earlier this month but I also warned you that it would be making an appearance again soon. The reason I bought this sweater - and the reason I am so excited about it - was not only its Nordic-inspired pattern and the lovely color palette - it was the fit

You see, I don't usually wear sweaters that are this long. Yes, I have a few cardigans that fall just below my hips, but none of them are knee-length. It is because most long sweaters are either made for girls with boyish figures (so cut straight) or waaay too oversized. Being a 2/4 around my chest and 6/8 around my hips, I simply cannot grab a size Small straight cardigan and run with it - it will make me look like an improperly stuffed sausage. Also, as a pear, I know that if my clothes don't fit correctly in my shoulders and chest, I will appear much larger than I am - hence I cannot wear a Medium or a Large (which would fit around my hips.)

Enter: this sweater. The magic of it is that it is more of an A-line - you can clearly see in the first picture that it fits my shoulders perfectly yet it widens around my hips and thighs. Also, it is wool - a material that doesn't cling to my body as other, stretchier materials do, and it holds its shape very well. 

You might be thinking, "Why on earth is she making such a big deal out of a sweater?" If you are pear-shaped like myself, you understand how frustrating it can be to try to find clothes that fit properly (can anyone but me relate to those horrid crotch wrinkles/whiskers on most pants? If you do, please leave a comment below because I need a support group. The Sisterhood of Whiskering Pants. Catchy.) So when you finally find something that is trendy yet flattering, you just melt into a huge puddle on the floor and buy it without questions. 


Sweater: Benetti via Marshalls
Jeans: TJ Maxx
Boots: Deichmann
Snood: DIY with a gifted pin and a fur collar
Shirt: Target