MinkPink Coat
Donna Karan Casual Luxe Utility Vest

This look was big last year and it's still working for this one. In my opinion, you could probably wear this type of trend for a while. The look is the anorak coat for Fall and Winter. It seems intimidating at first.. I know this because I didn't get one last year for that exact reason- I thought it would be too difficult to style. After all, I'm not a super tough dresser, and the military/utility anorak is a pretty rough and tumble kind of jacket, and isn't all that feminine. But that's why I want one now!

I like the whole tough, feminine vibe you can easily get by pairing something like this jacket with something really girly. This aesthetic is totally appealing to me. You know, I feel like through blogging about fashion I'm always opening myself up to try new things, whereas otherwise I wouldn't have given this another look.

Belted Utility Jacket (F21) |  Hooded Utility (F21)

If you'd like something a little more figure defining, try a coat with a cinched waist, or a vest instead. Personally, I love the utility vest look over a blouse or another shirt. The rest of your outfit can be dressy and the vest will give it that tougher feel. I also like the idea of wearing a shorter shirt and being able to throw a vest over my outfit for more coverage without looking like I'm doing just that. It's also super easy to throw on over a skirt or dress to transition from Summer to Fall. I'm actually looking forward to purchasing something like this, but will probably go for something a little cheaper. I'd rather spend serious cash on a more classic or timeless piece. If you have one, let me know how you like it..

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