A Guide to Vintage Shopping! 

One of the questions I’m asked most often is how to shop in thrift stores. Well, it really is easy-peasy! It can feel like a massive change, swapping from chain stores to vintage – but it sure can be worth it. You never know quite what to expect, or what you could end up carting home later on.

Here is a little guide I’ve written up – I’m sure you’ll pick up all sorts of helpful tips for how to shop in thrift stores! P.s. I like to display my favourite vintage clothing pieces on a rack in my house  so I remember to wear them – here are the latest! Oh, and I did rag curls – would you fancy a tutorial?

Venture From Your Section! 

Some of the very best finds I’ve had have been in the children’s or men’s area! There are two main reasons why clothing ends up where it (possibly) shouldn’t be. First off, it may not have been labelled correctly. The other reason is that other vintage shoppers hide clothing! I used to work at a massive charity shop, and I couldn’t believe how many pretty dresses I found lurking inside oversized jackets. Us vintage shoppers can be sneaky!

Clothing  Can Be Saveable 

Well, not always, but sometimes garments that are looking worse for wear can actually be fixed! Clothing that is smelling musty can be put in the washing machine, and become lemony fresh almost immediately! Many garments that seem irreparable can be fixed. I’m completely obsessed with repairing clothing. I always find it so very exciting (and rewarding!) to restore a garment to it’s former glory. My favourite was a 1970s pan collar dress with a snail and mushroom print. It had clearly been very loved, and had several small tears near the collar – but I was able to get it looking brand new. What a wonderful feeling!

Be Nice! 

Well, I hope you’re nice anyway (!) but I do always try and be on my very best behaviour when I’m thrifting. Having a great relationship with staff can be super rewarding! You can learn ‘inside knowledge’ – such as when new clothing is put out, or you might even be able to purchase something when the price tag has fallen off – which is sometimes against the rules!

Visit When It’s Quiet 

I always try to visit during the quieter hours. For me, this means during the week, usually in the mornings. If you’re not sure of the best hours to visit, try asking the staff! I seem to find much better stuff when I’m able to leisurely browse the clothing, rather than when there is someone right alongside me – rushing their way through the clothing!

..And that’s how I shop in thrift stores! Best of luck, I hope you thrift all kinds of vintage beauties!

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