Last month OCSR went to the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena. We found a few amazing pieces to add to our studio collection.Having unique items in your own collection of clothing and accessories is a great way to set you apart from the rest of your stylish group. An added bonus is the envy of your friends. Plus, one of your friend can’t go out and buy the same thing, no trendsetter likes when that happens.

Buying vintage is a great way to not only have a unique piece, but also it switches up your shopping routine while saving you money. Who doesn’t love that? If you’re new to vintage shopping or have never even tried to go…don’t be scared it’s easier than you think. Personally, I love to try and get the best deal possible. After more than a dozen years in fashion I never like to pay full retail prices for anything. And you don’t have to either.

Here are a few guidelines to buying vintage, thrift store, and resale:

1. Don’t be in a rush. Vintage shopping takes a little more time because every thing is not merchandised to sell and each item is unique and might not be your size. So just relax and enjoy a new experience.

2. Have an open mind but know what your shopping for. What I mean by this is know you want a silk top but be open to the style and color.This is the key to help you from becoming overwhelmed.

3. Make sure the item is in good condition. Check for holes, snags, and stains.

4. If you love an item but it’s too big get it tailored. It’s a quick fix and it doesn’t add much to the cost.

5. Have fun with your shopping experience. Step out side your style box and experiment.

6. If your shopping resale specifically there are a few things to know…. Most resale shops will have items from the last two seasons and they will be name brand. Make sure the items are at least 50% off the original retail price if they’re not, you’re not really getting much of a deal.

We had fun with this styling this shoot as always. Adding vintage into the current trends is much easier than you think. The vintage items include: french cuff, peach silk button down, purple silk pants and a khaki silk dress. We also went to a few resale shops and found a yellow silk scarf and snake skin shoes. We incorporated these items into looks from this seasons current trends. Here are the looks we styled to help you get inspired to try to different way of shopping while adding unique items into your closet.




Model – Aly Mier

Hair and Make up – Rachael Dickens

Photography – Rachael Dickens assisted by Natalie Dickens

Styling – Rachael Dickens