I am always on the hunt for deals, major sales, but also free samples, so periodically when a company is offering free samples to their customers I jump onto my computer and post/Tweet/Facebook away to share the news. Well I constantly get emails, tweets, and comments as to how I am able to score some pretty awesome freebies so quickly all the time, and it’s fairly simple, so I am here today to give you the 5 easy steps to how you can score them as well!


Step 1: Follow all of your favorite “bargain” bloggers such as myself =) on their blogs/Twitter/Facebook pages, because we are constantly on the hunt for free samples and we share them with the world as soon as we hear about them!

Step 2: Follow your favorite brands, stores, companies on Twitter and Facebook! Really if you want to be the first one to hear about a freebie, this is the best way because companies will often tweet about a freebie and they will post reminders on their Facebook pages, and really this is how I usually get notification of a free sample going on!

Step 3: Register with your favorite stores to get “insider” free samples! For example with Sephora you can sign up to be a Beauty Insider, where you’ll score some awesome freebies on your birthday, get access to special events and limited time deals!Victoria’s Secret also offers a similar program where they will often send you emails for free PINK panties and free perfumes.

Step 4: Sign up for e-mail newsletters from your favorite brands, stores, companies! Often times, I’ve received emails from companies stating the first 500 to sign up right now, will get a deluxe sample – these usually go fast and normally don’t even make it onto Twitter or Facebook because they will be gone in a few minutes.

Step 5: Bookmark your favorite stores and beauty companies and check their "samples" page frequently! Certain stores will periodically offer free samples which are listed on their site, stores such as Walmart, Target, and Ulta will have coupons and free samples available while supplies last on their webpages quite frequently! Beauty companies such as Almay, Bare Escentuals, Jane Cosmetics, and Nivea, will ofter offer coupons and free samples on their sites as well.

I hope that many of you bargain shoppers and freebie hunters are already following these steps, I love free samples because they are a great way for me to try out a new product before forking over the money to actually buy it! So there you have it, by following the 5 steps above I’ve been able to score some pretty awesome freebies fairly quickly and now you can as well!