First impressions are very important in any situation we come across,
however it is very significant when interviewing for a job. It is said that within the first 7 seconds a person will formulate an opinion/judge another person; therefore dressing right for an interview is key to scoring a great first impression.

Who says that you have to spend a fortune to look great for an interview?You can still dress appropriate and stylish even when you are on a budget!

All you need to keep in mind is that the outfits and accessories you pick depend on what type of job you areinterviewingfor, simply because not one job is the same as the other.

I have placed these outfits into 3 categories, click on the pictures below to enlarge:

When interviewing for aCooperate/Businessjob you want to dress veryprofessional andconservative, so what better way than with black, khaki, or gray slacks, a button up white shirt with an optional blazer that matches the pants. You don't want to go with any bright colors simply because it is too distracting!
For shoes you want to wear closed-toe shoes, and make sure the heel is not super high; 2 inches or less preferably!
For accessories you want to keep it at a minimum such as simple pearl earrings and a plainclutch. Too many accessories can bedistracting as well during an interview.

When interviewing for a retail job, you want to look"well put together" basically means no tight jeans and no flip flops. Whether interviewing at the Mall, or a high-end boutique, you want to either wear a sweater with a little bit of color with slacks that match. You want to stay clear from light colored jeans andsteertowards some flared dark blue to black jeans. A dress would be perfect as well, as long as you are wearing dark black stockings.
Theperfectshoesare "ballerina" shoes or flats as seen above. They are simple yet professional enough for a retail job interview. Again for accessories you want to keep to a minimal but spice it up a bit with a belt or small yet uniqueearrings.

Fashion/Beauty Industry
When interviewing for a job in the fashion or beauty industry, you want to lookprofessional yet at the same time have alittle bit of edge to show off your unique style! Adding a bit of color is perfectly fine here, you can wear a conservative dress yet with bold accessories such as hoopearrings orbracelets.Also, colored blazers look very professional yet the colors (such as pink or red) add that extra touch. An outfit like that shows that you are serious about the job, yet are fun and fashionable! To top any outfit off, bold heels such as prints andplatformsadd a bold yet sophisticated look!
In case you're wondering, all the clothes, shoes, and accessories shown here are from either Forever 21, Macys, or JC Penney,all for under $50. What a steal! You can findawesomeoutfits, for any job interview, for a low price yet still looking fabulous!

I hope you found these outfit tips helpful!Have fun when shopping around for interview clothes, don't make it a chore rather turn it into a fun scavenger hunt!

You never get a second chance to make a great first impression, so make the most out of it!