I have gotten so many comments around my post baby body, I thought I would share my regimen.

I was super conscious about losing the baby weight because:

- It took me a year to lose the weight after my first, 7 years ago.
- With age, it gets harder to lose the weight.
- 2 kids, working full time, blogging and starting a new business, time mgmt is an issue. This was why I needed to lose the weight prior to going back to work. (And I refused to buy bigger sized clothes or wear maternity clothes).

The day my Dr. cleared me to work out, I came home, grabbed my yoga mat and busted a move. I bought the Tracy Anderson post baby workout and I swear by it. She gained over 60 lbs and got her body back. And she is legit. The workout is tough but I got stronger every time I did it. I worked out every day, then took Baby Bryanna for a walk.

– Get up! Just the act of standing up burns calories.
– Stay active. When I don’t work out, I get tired. When I get tired I don’t want to work out. It is a vicious cycle.
– Break the cycle.
– If you have kids – when they are napping, work out! The endorphins when I am done keeps me buzzing all day.
– Breast feeding. Did you know one of the many benefits of breast feeding is burning 600-800 calories/day? Holla!!

I did NOT eat for two. Shakes in the a.m. filled with nutrients from broccoli and mushrooms to chia seeds and spirulina. It was not for taste, it was to ensure B was getting the nutrients she needed from me.
– Protein in every meal.
– Tons of water
– Iced green tea with honey
– Healthy snacks – carrots, grape tomatoes with salt and peppers, edamame, string cheese, yogurt
– Splurge, but compensate with previous and next meals. If I know I am going to have a decadent dinner, I will have a super healthy lunch and breakfast the next day. Balance is key.

I struggle with working out every day. I push myself to do it, but when I can’t, I accept it and move on. I don’t beat myself up, I just eat healthier, try to get away for a 15 minute walk around campus and get moving.

What are you favorite tips for staying healthy? Email me @ mystylebites@gmail.com.

Until next time!