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A lot of people asked how I was able to find things so cheap. I may have kept something from you: a little secret. The answer may or may not surprise you, but first I'll share another outfit post, before getting to the little secret.





jacket:  sag harbor
 jeans:  levi skinnies 
shoes:  white stag

The answer may or may not surprise you, but I got some of my pieces at Goodwill. See, there are several in my city. I go to the one in my neighborhood, which is in the "rich" neighborhood. Let me clarify, I do NOT live in those $300,000 homes. My hubby and I rent a "normal house," but we are about a mile away from where it is located. Anyways, I consider this Goodwill to have pretty good quality items. Granted, you have to sift through the racks like any other one. But the good deals are there.

First time that I had ever went was March 2011. I was always curious about it, but never stepped foot in there. Yeah, I used to kind of care what people thought. Now, not so much. I mean, recently I was there one time, I heard two teenage boys state that they were too "rich" to shop there. I thought to myself, um.. no you aren't. You are thirteen, you don't work, if anything your parents are the ones who are too "rich."  I mean, seriously. Who says things like that so loud for everyone to hear? For some people that may be all that they can afford. Anyways, earlier this year, my coworkers and I were out of town for training. I decided to go to Goodwill with one of my coworkers, since she was a huge fan and I was rather curious. Ever since then, I've been hooked. I probably spent close to $100 that day.

Here are some of the good deals that I found. Some of these pictures may look familiar. I'll also show you pictures of the clothing that I haven't worn yet or showed on the blog yet. (The pictures are from from various shopping trips).

Keep reading, or should I say glance at the pictures to see my greatest Goodwill find to date.







And now my most proudest Goodwill find ever...

A 100% authentic Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Canvas backpack. I found it in March, right as soon as it was put out. Granted, the straps are broke. However, I have been planning to take it to a leather shop, so they can repair it. I remember looking up the exact price around that time too. The only price range that I could find was $1100-$1700. Not too shabby, even if it is broken. It can totally be fixed! Too bad it wasn't a Speedy though. Either way a Louie is a Louie!

So, there you have it... one of my little shopping secrets!