What’s up World!? Bringing in a new installment of “How does it look?”…pretty simple. I buy something cool like I did with my Lacey Number.I wear it, and give it a quick review, and show you how it looks on a normal, non amazon like woman. I mean she’s perfect haha, I bring it down to reality, don’t worry I’m willing to take one for the team.

My brother got married this weekend. After having a dress from Asos sent over, I realized it was too lax for a wedding. I stalked their curve section hoping they would post anything wedding worthy! Alas this dress popped up, and I loved the shoulder detail. It came in the mail, it fit great. The color was perfect, and the material was very fall.


The Tulip Dress Can be found (here)

I have to admit the model who doesn’t look plus at all, either is super tall at 5’11 or they altered the dress for photo purposes. I’m going to do with Asos altering the dress. Using the same model, the dress was photographed in its normal length, and altered. I had pretty long legs for 5’8, but I didn’t worry about it being short. The dress was really comfortable, no tugging, nothing bad to say about it, and it held it’s shape during dancing. In fact I got so many compliments it made me wonder how bad I looked on other days:)None the less, the shoulder detail was the deciding factor of buying this dress. I paired a dark red vintage clutch from It’s Vintage Darling and Gap Flatform Shoes. UrbanDecay Naked 2 Palate, and Bobbie Brown Blush that I got in a Swag Bag. I can’t wait to find a reason to rock this again.