This is not about an exclusive custom-fitted clothing, this is Hout Couture with H-O-U-T an Afrikaan word which means “wood” an essential element to the Hout Couture fashion accessory brand.

Hout Couture Logo

This brand from Cape Town, South Africa (available internationally) creates unique sunglasses made of several types of wood from Ebony Macassar, American Walnut, White Oak to Stained White Oak and comes with UV400 polarized glasses which offer great protection from the sun; stylish and functional.

Skilled with the art of fine wood craftsmanship and passion for design and fashion, the four wooden frame styles (Amelia, Cat-eye, Wayferer and Ramsey) ensures that they are breathable, lightweight, durable alternative to plastic and friendlier to mother earth.

“We wanted to create something that really embodied the diversity and exuberance of nature, true to our native lands. Our Hout Couture sunglasses have real meaning, a story to be proud of and above all it’s a product of which every detail has been thought through thoroughly.” –mentioned on Hout Couture’s latest press kit.

Hout Couture Amelia

Hout Couture Cat-eye

Hout Couture Wayferer

Hout Couture Ramsey

The 2013 Collection

Because Hout Couture sunglasses are made of wood, each pair has different patterns and grains, giving every pair its own unique story and those stories are used as the theme for their 2013 collection. The stories have strong connection to the tales and stories which spread around the continent of Africa. Just like the sunglasses, the different textiles shown in their campaign all carries their own stories. Hout Couture collaborated with Vlisco, a Dutch company that has been making fashionable African fabrics since 1846. Using their textiles in combination with Hout Couture sunglasses resulted in a campaign with outspoken stories.

photo Cateye_EbonyMacassar_zpsc5107dec.jpg

photo Amelia_WhiteOak_zpsffc7bef5.jpg

photo Ramsey_AmericanWalnut_boy_zps4e3bd486.jpg

photo Wayfarer_StainedWhiteOak_zps627eafc4.jpg

The Contribution to the Planet

A lot of wood are used during the production process, to help offset the carbon footprint left behind, a tree is planted for every sold pair. To achieve this, they partnered with WESSA’s Eco-Schools project. They make sure that the seeds grow in to trees and educate students about bio-diversity and importance of “living lightly on our planet” through sustainable practices. So technically, very single person who wears a pair of Hout Couture sunglasses did not only contributed to their wardrobe but also to our planet and growth of a new tree.

Hout Couture is more than just a fashion statement, it’s a life statement.

*all photos courtesy of Hout Couture
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