As I get older, I get more and more comfortable with my body. I’m petite, a 1/2 inch shy of 5’2, and curvy from the end of curls, to my waist and down. I’m getting better at choosing pieces that work for my shape. This Single skirt is the perfect example, as it hugs those curvy places. It’s not a skirt I’d normally gravitate towards, as it screams sexy. I’m girly, but kind of a tomboy and a bit sporty too, so pairing this skirt with a striped tee and denim jacket balances the sensuality of it. The skirt makes me feel feminine and comfortable as it’s not constricting assets of mine, but how I styled it makes me feel me: California casual, but polished and chic. I paired the outfit with new pumps + some Wildfox Sunnies, making it perfect to celebrate any Holiday Festivities.

ps: Did you notice my new Louis? Adore it. It was a Christmas Prezzi I couldn’t wait to open.

pss: Going to host a giveaway. Giving away a pair of Wildfox Sunglasses, just like the ones I’m wearing!

Check my BLOG for details.

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