It seems like once Thanksgiving hits there are a million holiday events, parties, dinners, and outings to attend.  Getting dressed for all of those events can be a rather daunting task.  Hardly anyone has the budget to buy a whole new look for each occasion, but as it is the holiday season you still want to look your absolute best, right?  Over the next several days we will be showing you some looks that would work for a variety of holiday soirees, whether you are amongst friends, coworkers (or your significant other or spouse’s coworkers), a room full of strangers, or your best girlfriends.  No matter the situation and the dress code, we have you covered head to toe!

This is a holiday look that I would wear to dinner with my girlfriends, to attend a party at a friend’s house, or to attend an event in a creative location.  The color of the sweater, skirt, tights, and shoe could read rather somber, but the sweater’s print, the ruffled skirt, and dotted tights add just the right amount of lightheartedness to the overall look.  Where else but amongst friends can you afford to take a few fashion risks?

Perhaps combining a printed sweater and tight with a ruffled (poufy) skirt is way beyond your comfort zone, even if you will be spending the evening with friends.  You can always start small by pairing the printed sweater with a great pair of skinny jeans, the ruffled skirt with a more subdued top, or the dotted tights with a little black dress with a classic, feminine cut.  Your look would still be stylish and fun, which is the perfect combination to help ring in the holidays with friends!

Style Notes: J.Crew sweater (fall 2012; purchased at 25% off; similar style) / Gap dress (winter 2011; similar style) / Gap tights (fall 2012; purchased at 30% off; similar style)/ Poetic Licence shoes via Last Chance (spring 2011; similar style) / H & M collar necklace (spring 2012; similar style) / Michael Kors watch via Last Chance (spring 2012; similar style) / Kate Spade ring (fall 2011; similar style) / Kate Spade bracelet (fall 2012; love this one!) / Marc Jacobs bag via Last Chance (spring 2012; similar style)